Yesterday’s Houses of Tomorrow, Innovative American Homes 1850 to 1950


Innovative American Homes 1850 to 1950

Published by The Preservation Press, National Trust for Historical Preservation 1991

Authors, architectural historian H. Ward Jandl with architect John A. Burns and Michael J. Auer

‘In Yesterday’s Houses of Tomorrow, author H. Ward Jandl has assembled 12 examples of ‘futuristic’ houses from 1850 to 1950 presenting a unique and eclectic slice of American architecture.

While the houses [of the future] often delivered less than promised, the ideas embodied in them had a tremendous impact on American domestic architecture as a whole. The outlandishness of some of the designs, the inventiveness of the technology, and the lavishness of the claims and marketing hyperbole served an important purpose: to focus attention on how to improve the way we live. The “houses of tomorrow” contributed, in one way or another, ideas that have since been put into actual practice in a modified – and usually more conservative – form.’

Taken from the introduction

216 pages

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Condition: hardcover and book in excellent condition – the book’s dust jacket has clear signs of wear and tear and a small tear

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