The Enduring Legacy of Weimar: Graphic Design & New Typography 1919-1933


The history of the Modernist design movement and how it completely revolutionized graphic design.

A completely new aesthetic approach to graphic design and typography was created in Europe between 1919 and 1933. An avant-garde group of Dadaists, Futurists, and Constructivists created a brilliantly innovative language of design. This comprehensive volume shows how the work of pioneering artists such as El Lissitzky, Jan Tschichold, and László Moholy-Nagy broke conventions in colour, typography, and composition, setting new standards in graphic design that are still in use today.

The Authors:

ALSTON W. PURVIS is Professor of Visual Arts and Chair of the Department of Graphic Design at the Boston University College of Fine Arts. He is the author of numerous books on typography and graphic design.

CEES W. DE JONG is a graphic designer and publisher of international books on architecture, art, and graphic design. He is the author and editor of Type: »A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles« and the designer of »Meggs’ History of Graphic Design« (5th and 6th ed.), »Jan Tschichold, Master Typographer: His Life, Work and Legacy«

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