Tetromino City, A geometric jigsaw puzzle


Tetromino City is a brand new puzzling challenge. It is made up of 300 pieces in seven distinct geometric shapes known as tetrominos. Piece together the outer frame following the guide which comes with the puzzle. Then get to work fitting the tetrominos together to build an incredibly detailed cityscape.

Designed by London based illustrator Peter Judson. His work draws stylistically from postmodernism and the radical design movements of the 20th century, exploring the environments we inhabit in an attempt to better understand human nature.


  • Size: 300 x 200 x 50 mm

Gift Wrapping Service

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Gift Wrapping Service

Standard Service (£2.50)

Remaining/Maximum Characters: 200/200

Additional information

Weight 995 g
Dimensions 33.0 × 24.0 × 8.0 cm

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