Shapes of Suprematism


Shapes of Suprematism

Kazimir Malevich’s Suprematism revolutionized art and inspired great 20th Century architecture. Feel and join in that revolutionary movement with the Shapes of Suprematism.

Barcelona design duo Beamalevich have created Shapes of Suprematism, Shapes of Tatlin and Shapes of Bauhaus to let us experience and experiment with this dramatic breakthrough in art.

Each kit has geometical forms created from methacrylate.  Fit them freely on a 5-lane wood base creating endless artworks and perspectives.

Choose from:

Shapes of Suprematism

Colours: Electric blue | Red | Black

9 Geometric pieces

Shapes of Bauhaus

18 pieces (mix of red, yellow, green and blue pieces)

Shapes of Tatlin Tower

6 standing methacrylate pieces which feature the Tatlin Tower structure in 5 pieces plus a piece featuring the skyline of St Petersburg.

All fit onto a 5-lane wooden base

Why the St Petersburg skyline? If Tatlin Tower had been built it would have been in Petrograd / St Petersburg

All the Shapes of series are made of:

High-quality precise cut methacrylate makes the outlines smooth and resistant.

Dimensions (wood base):
Length: 39 cm // 15.3 in
Width: 8 cm // 3.1 in
Height: 0.9 cm // 0.35 in
Tallest piece: 17 cm // 6.7 in

304 g

Material: Certified elm wood & methacrylate

1 x 5 stripes-carved wood base
9 x different sized methacrylate Suprematist-geometrical figures

Handmade in Barcelona


Gift Wrapping Service

Tell us if you’d like red ribbon!

Standard Service (£2.50)

Additional information

Weight 450 g
Dimensions 41.5 × 12.0 × 4.0 cm

Bauhaus, Black, Blue, Red, Tatlin Tower

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