Russian Alphabet Colouring Book by Amanita


Imagine a modern twist that combines an introduction to the Russian alphabet with Soviet and post-Soviet imagery. Each is shown with its English language equal and a clue to how the letter sounds.  Russian artist Amanita known for graphic artworks has turned his hand to a colouring book and its brilliant. The perfect antidote to lockdown. Published by Fuel.

From Lenin to Gorbachev, sputnik to cosmonauts and of course Constructivism. The Russian Alphabet Colouring Book elevates colouring to heady heights.

‘We all learned to read and write from the Alphabet. In the USSR we had a phenomenon: the ‘Soviet – English language,’ with its own special words. It’s funny – it was as if an English speaker learned Russian from the ‘Soviet Alphabet.’ So I wanted to illustrate the USSR from A to Z, with all the history of the achievements that are associated with my country. Not without smiles and irony, of course.’


Alexander Erashov aka Amanita was born in a very different world in Kazakh, today Kazakstan in 1972, he had a double life as an engineer by day and an underground artist by night, today, Moscow-based his art is highly collectable.

210mm x 280mm

112 pages

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Gift Wrapping Service

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Weight 650 g
Dimensions 23.0 × 2.0 × 30.00 cm

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