Post Modern London Map by Blue Crow Media


If you love a good architectural map as much as we do you’ll want to add this new edition to your collection. Architectural historian Owen Hopkins has chosen a brilliant selection of London’s Post Modernist buildings with photos by Nigel Green.
The map is designed to easily fold and unfold, and can slip into a coat pocket! More than that its an excellent reminder of how striking these buildings are ‘characterised by bright colours, bold decorations and diverse references’.
Building highlights include James Stirling’s One Poultry; John Outram’s Isle of Dogs Storm Water Pumping Station; and Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown’s Sainsbury Wing of the National Gallery. Blue Crow reminds us, ‘With only a small number of London’s Postmodern buildings listed, we hope this map inspires more admirers of the movement, who can help protect London’s late 20th-century heritage’.

Who needs dippy WiFi when everything is available in a pocket-sized folding map which can be reimagined as a poster. Its near A2 size when it is open and near A5 folded, with a wide band to slot over it to protect it.

Printed in East Sussex in England on quality recycled paper.

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