Expo 58 Soviet Pavilion Brochure


Soviet brochure from Expo 58

Rare Expo 58 brochures for the Pavilion of the USSR at the Brussels Universal and International Exhibition 1958. We have one in French and one in German. We love the graphics, the detailed design and feel of the weighty card. It would also work brilliantly as a mounted wall print.

44cm x 29cm unfolded

29cm x 11cm folded

Good condition, with natural wear and tear from gentle use


1 x French language version

1 x German language version

expo 58 soviet pavilion english language suitable as historic item or framed

Pavillion of USSR detail of pavillion for visitors


Gift Wrapping Service

Tell us if you’d like red ribbon!

Standard Service (£2.50)

Gift Wrapping Service

Standard Service (£2.50)

Remaining/Maximum Characters: 200/200

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 11.75 × 0.3 × 29.5 cm

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