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Philip Wolmuth

London-born photographer 1941-2021. Philip studied Physiology and Psychology at Oxford. He created the North Paddington Community Darkroom (NPCD) later known as Photoworks Westminster in 1976, ‘a pioneering community photography project … The project was influential in the community photography movement of the 1970s which saw a convergence of political and artistic concerns whilst drawing on the economic and political upheavals of the decade’.

His obituary in the Guardian written by his partner, Jane Matheson notes, ‘In 1977, Philip also started a lifelong project documenting the face-to-face public debate of speakers, hecklers and audiences at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park. Frequently covering campaigns such as the sale of social housing in Westminster…’

Cafe Royal Books

Café Royal Books publishes limited edition Photobooks coveted by fans and collected by major institutions. The Zines focus on British documentary photography. Café Royal is run and founded by Craig Atkinson.

Craig explains ‘My aim is to create a focussed and complete archive of British documentary photography. I publish roughly 70 titles each year with a small edition ‘archive box’ every 100th title. These archive boxes are aimed at major collections, libraries and museums — helping to increase the visibility of the work and making the books publicly accessible for as long as possible. Collectors are wide and varied but include, MoMA NY, Harvard University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, The British Library, The Hyman Collection, Martin Parr Foundation, TATE, V&A / National Art Library’.

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