Modern Vienna Map / Wiener Modernismus Stadtplan


Modern Vienna Map / Wiener Modernismus Stadtplan by Blue Crow Media is researched, written and photographed by Gili Merin. The map texts are in English and German.

Dieser zweisprachige Architekturführer zeigt bemerkenswerte Projekte moderner Architektur in Wien und enthält eine Karte, Details zu 50 Gebäuden sowie eine Einführung und Fotografien von Gili Merin.

Featuring remarkable examples of Modern architecture in Vienna, this two-sided bilingual guide includes a map, details of 50 buildings, an introduction and photography by Gili Merin. Featured on the map are Functionalist works by Adolf Loos, the residential blocks of Red Vienna, including the Karl-Marx-Hof, post-war Brutalist churches, Hans Hollein’s sculptural shopfronts, the world’s first Deconstructivist project, by Coop Himmelb(l)au, Hundertwasser’s colourful and undulating architecture and much more.

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Perfect for a walking tour or framing, this map by Blue Crow Media opens to A2 and folds to A5 and is protected by a wide band. Printed on quality FSC-certified recycled paper by a carbon neutral printer.


Gili Merin is an architect and photographer based in Vienna. She holds a PhD from the AA in London and currently holds a post-doc position at the TU Vienna and is a lecturer at the Negev School of Architecture in Be’er Sheva. 

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