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London’s Docklands 1 and 2 features the work of Mike Seaborne,  showcasing the huge social and economic changes in the area through the 1970s which were defined by a vanished post-industrial landscape. (images featured here from both zines)

Other titles in this series of four include

  • Down the Lane features the work of Tom Hunter and dates from a time, now disappeared and prior to his professional career when he had a stall at Brick Lane Market and photographed the passers-by.

  • London East End features the work of Diane Bush, which was made whilst working with EXIT, Britain’s first photography collective, which believed in the power of photography to contribute to positive social change.

  • The Broadgate Development features the work of Brian Griffin, which comments on massive economic shifts but this time in the City of London in the 1980s where borders were re-drawn as the City spread with the deregulation of the financial markets.


Each book showcases striking images from London’s East End during the 1970s and 1980s and focusses on the work of an individual photographer. Each photographer has taken a distinctive and personal approach to photographing the area:

The majority of this work has never been published before with the exception of Brian Griffin’s, for which it is the first time within a documentary context.


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