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London’s Docklands 1 and 2  features the work of Mike Seaborne,  showcasing the huge social and economic changes in the area through the 1970s which were defined by a vanished post-industrial landscape.

These photos are part of the East End Archive

Mike explains, ‘these photos form part of a long-term project on de-industrialisation and its impact on the urban landscape.  I started photographing in the North of England in the 1970s and then focused on London in the 1980s and 1990s particularly in the East End and Docklands.

The country’s shift from being an industrial powerhouse to a largely service-based economy has had the most profound impact on both the landscape and the makeup of our society. This is something that we are still struggling to come to terms with and if my photographs serve to give pause for thought about what we have lost then I will have succeeded in my ambition. For most of us memory is more important than history’.

Please note: The photos are from both Docklands 1 and Docklands 2

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