Lido: A dip into outdoor swimming pools, the history, design and people behind them by Christopher Beanland


Architectural historian and journalist Christopher Beanland’s Lido celebrates a glorious summer pursuit – outdoor swimming. From Brockwell Park in South London to Bondi Beach Australia this book doesn’t just looks at the history and design of outdoor swimming pools it deep dives (yes we are in pun-mode) into the Lido scene and a place to be seen.

Christopher reminds us,

‘Few experiences can beat diving into a pool in the fresh air, swimming with blue skies above you. Whether it’s a dip into a busy and bustling city pool on a sweltering summer day or taking the plunge in icy waters, the lido provides a place of peace in a frenetic world.

The book begins with a history of outdoor pools – their grand beginnings after the buttoned-up Victorian era, their falling popularity in the 20th century, and the newfound appreciation for the outdoor pool, or lido, and outdoor swimming in the 21st century’.

The book highlights pools worldwide from Saltdean in the UK to Essen in Germany, Bondi Beach and more and is gloriously illustrated with current and archive photos.

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