Brutalist Map Paris by Blue Crow


Pocket-sized two-sided map introducing you to the most striking examples of Brutalist architecture in Paris. The map is introduction by Robin Wilson. It details more than forty buildings and is illustrated with photographs by Nigel Green and works as both a reference guide and trip companion. It unfolds to poster-sized. Well designed, the map is easy to use for planning before travelling. It also makes the perfect well-priced gift.

Présentant les exemples les plus marquants de l’architecture Brutaliste de Paris, ce guide recto-verso comprend une carte, une introduction par Robin Wilson ainsi que les détails de plus de quarante constructions illustrées par les photographies de Nigel Green.

Blue Crow Media is an independent map publisher. Greyscape carries a wide selection of their maps including, Brutalist London, Skopje, Sidney, Modern Berlin, Brutalist Washington and more.

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